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Employee Satisfaction

Employee Engagement Assessment and Analysis
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Staffing shortages are now at a level unlike any other time in our history.  According to the 2023 US Job Opening and Labor Turnover Survey, 50 million US workers left their jobs in 2022 – the most ever recorded in history by the Job Opening and Labor Turnover Survey.  This is no doubt a significant challenge to mitigate but it also represents a competitive advantage for those employers who choose to assess and invest in their workforce’s level of engagement and connection to their work.

Branches Consulting staff has decades of experience in conducting employee engagement surveys for employers of all sizes and across many different industries.  At BCC, we focus on measuring how motivated individuals are to go that extra mile for their team and their organization.  We also assess how committed your staff members are to staying with your organization.

Following assessment and analysis, Branches Consulting’s team of experts then works with you and your leadership team to implement a comprehensive staff engagement plan that includes the following:

Communicating results to the organization.

Harvesting input and ideas from staff on how to improve areas of importance.

Strategy development of tailor-made tactics and action plans to improve engagement.

Leadership development, including coaching and training for your team to adjust based on the feedback from staff and, most importantly, to hardwire those changes to lessen the likelihood of backsliding.

Plan to review and assess engagement scores in the future to determine effectiveness of deployed strategies and tactics.

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